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People at ATMs

How to Get Your ATM Fees Reimbursed

posted on March 5, 2019 in Financial

Welcome to the Worldwide, Fee-Paying ATM Pass What if ATMs weren’t so expensive and cash withdrawals were fee-free? You wouldn’t worry about card skimmers at that dingy, middle-of-nowhere Texas gas station. You wouldn’t feel the need to take out more money than you need. You wouldn’t think twice about how much that…Continue Reading »

business owner approved for small business financing

6 Reliable Ways to Finance Your Small Business

posted on February 26, 2019 in Business

Proven methods for financing common business needs From angel investors to crowd-sourced platforms like Kickstarter, there are now several creative ways you can fund your business in 2018. While both of these financing examples provide interest-less capital, each require you to give up a degree of control. There are no guarantees with…Continue Reading »

Choosing the best business bank account

Guide to Choosing the Best Business Bank Account in Houston, Texas

posted on February 5, 2019 in Business

How to Decide Between a Business Checking Account and Business Savings Account There’s no one right business bank account, but some options will better suit your business than others. To help guide you through this important process, we’ve put together a business bank account checklist, broken down into three articles. The first…Continue Reading »

Rising interest rates 2019

What Recent Interest Rate Hikes Mean for Banking Customers

posted on January 15, 2019 in Financial

Here’s what you need to know about federal interest rates as they continue to rise   The steady, annual increases to federal interest rates have business and retail banking customers nervous. Recent Interest Rate Activity After a recession period of interest standstill—stretching from mid-December 2008 to mid-December of 2015—rates have slowly crept…Continue Reading »

2019 interest rate hikes in bear market

Fed Lowers 2019 Interest Rate Hike Forecast from Three to Two

posted on January 10, 2019 in Financial

U.S. Rate Hikes to Continue at Slower Pace in Down Market Despite down market, the Fed signaled more 2019 interest rate hikes in January. Subsequently, stocks carried their negative trends into January. Background 2018 Interest Rate Hikes On December 19, the Fed raised interest rates for the fourth and final time in…Continue Reading »

2019 business resolutions

5 Profit-Driving Business Resolutions for 2019

posted on January 1, 2019 in Business

Ring In the New Year with This Simple Business To-Do List Every year, we—as individuals, as business owners—try to trick ourselves into achieving ambitious goals. To will our wants into realities, we use a stronger, more determined word: resolution. After all, a resolution is a decision. A goal could end in failure….Continue Reading »

The Dangers of Cash Advance and Short-Term Loans

The Dangers of Cash Advance and Short-Term Loans

posted on December 4, 2018 in Financial

5 Essential Questions to Ask When Considering Cash Advance and Shorter-Term Loan Options What is a cash advance loan? Cash advance loans, also known as merchant cash advances (MCAs), are the product that birthed the online lending industry. A solution for business owners ineligible for bank approval, cash advance provides business owners…Continue Reading »

Federal interest rates rise in 2018

Fed Interest Rates Rise Again — the Third 2018 Rate Hike

posted on October 2, 2018 in Financial

What to expect after the latest federal interest rate increase   Source: CNBC Last week, the Federal Reserve raised its federal funds rate target range a quarter percentage point, 2.00–2.25%, marking the third interest rate hike of the year. The decision to raise the interest rate did not come as a surprise….Continue Reading »

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